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Synthetic Cryolite
Vulcanized Fibre
Glass Epoxy Sheets
Tri Calcium phosphate
Potassium Aluminium Fluoride
Iron Pyrite
Enamelled Copper Wire
Misc. Electrical Insulations
Adhesive Tapes
Speaker Voice Coil Material
Fiber Disc
Potassium Fluoborate

We are a leading importer, exporter & stockist of various Industrial products. We are the largest and most reliable source for Synthetic cryolite & Japanese Vulcanised fibre for abrasive Industries.

"We represent Hokuetsu Paper Mills-Japan  in India for Vulcanized fibre." 


At Concord we carefully select our vendors to bring you 100% quality products imported from world over to meet the ever expanding requirements of our clients. Our sister Concern Dass & Co. specialises in special enamelled copper wires & Insulation Materials and has been in existence for more than fifty years.

Our Assurance :

Quality assurance and client satisfaction is our motto and we believe that it is the only way to sustain our leading position in the fiercely competitive market. We along with our principals bring you only the best quality materials available in the Industry. Our quality control department undertakes the final inspection prior to dispatch to ensure that our clients receive only the quality controlled products.


Infrastructure :


From sourcing to supplying we have sophisticated systems in place for logistical and warehousing needs which enables us to meet our client’s requirements in time


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