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Iron Pyrite
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Iron Pyrite

Brief Specifications -  S :  50 ~55, Fe : 44-47 %                                 

Particle Size -  200 Mesh (All Pass)

Concord Trading Corp brings you Iron Pyrite (FeS2)   specially prepared for abrasive Industry. The material consists of finely grained Pyrite, which increases the thermal conductivity, tensile strength and the porosity of resin-bonded grinding wheels/cut off wheels. The material is high in sulphur content, which is desired for abrasive application

Importance in abrasive wheels

Iron Pyrite is used as active filler in hot and cold pressed grinding wheels, help increase thermal conductivity.

The material improves durability and increases efficiency and is therefore used successfully in the grinding industry. Using Iron Pyrite lowers the pressure and hence the heat variations during the grinding process.

Other Industry

Has various other applications is Free Steel Cutting, Brake Pads etc due to its beneficial properties.

Iron Pyrite
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Iron Pyrite
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